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Henrico Festival   Kids Area . Airbrush Tattoo - Airbrush Tattoos

Airbrush Tattoos

We have taken our high-quality, fun and interactive entertainment to a new level by helping children learn colors, numbers and fun facts without them realizing it.

Balloon Sculptures Call to Action

Balloon Sculptures

Parents and children are mesmerized by our balloon artists! We have several cool designs to picks from shark hats, Chesapeake Bay crab hats, princess headbands, and more!


Glitter Tattoos

Glitter Tattoos

Looking for a tattoo with bling that is waterproof? With our glitter tattoo service, your guests can get bling in minutes without the needles sting.



Face Painting Call to Action

Face Painting

With our face painting service, your guests can use their imagination to become a fantasy creature for the day.  We’ve been providing face painters since 2011 and have learned ways to move long lines along as quickly as possible.

High-Quality, Educational Entertainment

ABC Gypsy Events provides high-quality, educational entertainment, specializing in One-Stop-Shopping Solutions for your events. We not only decorate your event, we entertain your guests, as well as educate your youngest guests.

From Airbrush Tattoos to Balloon Animals, ABC Gypsy Events has it all. We started as a humble entertainer, booking only airbrush tattoo events and quickly grew to include balloon artists, face painters, glitter tattoo artists, henna tattooists and caricaturists. Focused on offering the highest quality entertainment with competitive pricing, ABC Gypsy Events continues to be the One-Stop-Shopping way to hire all of your party entertainment.

Educational Entertainment? 

Home AccentWhat is this?  Never heard of it before?  When a young girl asks for a rose tattoo, we ask her if she knows what colors make green and explain as we make her custom tattoo.  A little boy asks for a cobra balloon sculpture and we ask if he knows the difference between good snakes and bad snakes as we twist his cobra, generally complete with poisonous eye slits.  We use our many art forms to entertain the children, while helping them learn numbers, colors, as well as other fun and educational safety facts without them realizing it.

ABC Gypsy Events continues to be the One-Stop-Shopping way to hire all of your party entertainment.

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